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His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in his policy statement Mahinda Chinthanaya, aptly quoted Arahath Mahinda Mahathera’s advice to king Devanampiyatissa, “The earth and its vegetation is yours. but they should be protected not only for your benefit, but also for the benefit of future generations. A ruler is only a temporary trustee and not an owner of your children’s heritage”.
(from the ancient chronicle of Mahavansa).

In the Mahinda Chinthanaya, His Excellency the President emphasizes about the ideal prosperous village as “My life has been blessed by the winds of purity and fragrance that sweeps across the fields of millet (Kurakkan) in our village. The village life has also created a deep sense of love, affection, environmental concourses and a spirit of innovation that had helped nurture the dream that I have for the village communities of Sri Lanka. I am very keen to realize such a dream through the implementation of the ‘Gama Naguma’, the village upliftment.”